A home-craft-hobbies book recommendation: Garden Time by W. S. Merwin

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…having such a fine book of poetry come to us now from such a voice as Merwin’s is a rare and particular gift.
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“There are few great poets alive at any one time, and W.S. Merwin is one of them. Read him.” –The Guardian “There are few great poets alive at any one time, and W.S. Merwin is one of them. Read him.” –The Guardian “Merwin has attained a transcendent and transformative elevation of beaming perception, exquisite balance, and clarifying beauty.” –Booklist, starred review ofThe Moon before Morning “Merwin has become instantly recognizable on the page.” –Helen Vendler,The New York Review of Books W.S. Merwin composedGarden Time during the difficult process of losing his eyesight. When he could no longer see well enough to write, he dictated his new poems to his wife, Paula. In this gorgeous, mindful, and life-affirming book, our greatest poet channels energy from animated sounds and memories to remind us that “the only hope is to be the daylight.” From “A Breath of Day”: Last night I slept on the floor of the sea in an unsounded part of the ocean in the morning it was a long way up through the dark streets of a silent country with no language in its empty houses until I had almost reached the surface of a morning that I had never seen then a breeze came to it and I began to remember the voices of young leaves . . . W.S. Merwin served as Poet Laureate of the United States and has received every major literary accolade, including two Pulitzer prizes, most recently forThe Shadow of Sirius (Copper Canyon), and the National Book Award forMigration: New and Selected Poems (Copper Canyon). He lives in Hawaii.
The book is rated 4.44/5 at goodreads.com, from 95 ratings. See 17 reader reviews at: http://bit.ly/2mWAvQQ.
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A history book recommendation: Memoirs of a Polar Bear by Yoko Tawada

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“Memoirs of a Polar Bear” hums with beautiful strangeness. Look at the animals we are. Look at us searching for love, for meaning, for our own true forms.
Book description from Google Books:
The Memoirs of a Polar Bear stars three generations of talented writers and performers—who happen to be polar bears The Memoirs of a Polar Bear has in spades what Rivka Galchen hailed in the New Yorker as “Yoko Tawada’s magnificent strangeness”—Tawada is an author like no other. Three generations (grandmother, mother, son) of polar bears are famous as both circus performers and writers in East Germany: they are polar bears who move in human society, stars of the ring and of the literary world. In chapter one, the grandmother matriarch in the Soviet Union accidentally writes a bestselling autobiography. In chapter two, Tosca, her daughter (born in Canada, where her mother had emigrated) moves to the DDR and takes a job in the circus. Her son—the last of their line—is Knut, born in chapter three in a Leipzig zoo but raised by a human keeper in relatively happy circumstances in the Berlin zoo, until his keeper, Matthias, is taken away… Happy or sad, each bear writes a story, enjoying both celebrity and “the intimacy of being alone with my pen.”
The book is rated 3.45/5 at goodreads.com, from 374 ratings. See 75 reader reviews at: http://bit.ly/2tMzMbd.
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A thriller book recommendation: The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost

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It re-introduces all the major elements of the show, sets up the next season, and fills in a lot of blanks for anyone who’s ever been interested in the evil that lurks in those woods.
Book description from Google Books:
From the co-creator of the landmark series, the story millions of fans have been waiting to get their hands on for 25 long years.The Secret History of Twin Peaks enlarges the world of the original series, placing the unexplained phenomena that unfolded there into a vastly layered, wide-ranging history, beginning with the journals of Lewis and Clark and ending with the shocking events that closed the finale. The perfect way to get in the mood for the upcoming Showtime series.
The book is rated 3.99/5 at goodreads.com, from 3442 ratings. See 610 reader reviews at: http://bit.ly/2kvgoGZ.
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A horror book recommendation: The Singing Bones by Shaun Tan

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Tan’s contest with himself will presumably continue. Fortunately for his fans — both those of his previous efforts, and new fans won over by this delightful book — he’ll probably keep winning.
Book description from Google Books:
“Well now, dear children, who brought you here? Just come inside and stay with me. Nobody’s going to harm you….” Wicked stepmothers, traitorous brothers, cunning foxes, lonely princesses: There is no mistaking the world of the Brothers Grimm and the beloved fairy tales that have captured generations of readers. Now internationally acclaimed artist Shaun Tan shows us the beautiful, terrifying, amusing, and downright peculiar heart of these tales as never before seen. With a foreword by Neil Gaiman and an introduction by renowned fairy-tale expert Jack Zipes, this stunning gallery of sculptural works will thrill and delight art lovers and fairy-tale aficionados alike.
The book is rated 4.21/5 at goodreads.com, from 1066 ratings. See 288 reader reviews at: http://bit.ly/2em59gW.
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A law book recommendation: Magic and Loss: The Internet as Art by Virginia Heffernan

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…It embraces the internet as a work in progress. It’s an enjoyable snapshot, perhaps imperfect, but always dangerously close to receding from view as we scroll onto whatever’s next.
Book description from Google Books:
Just as Susan Sontag did for photography and Marshall McLuhan did for television, Virginia Heffernan (called one of the “best living writers of English prose”) reveals the logic and aesthetics behind the Internet.Since its inception, the Internet has morphed from merely an extension of traditional media into its own full-fledged civilization. It is among mankind’s great masterpieces—a massive work of art. As an idea, it rivals monotheism. We all inhabit this fascinating place. But its deep logic, its cultural potential, and its societal impact often elude us. In this deep and thoughtful book, Virginia Heffernan presents an original and far-reaching analysis of what the Internet is and does. Life online, in the highly visual, social, portable, and global incarnation rewards certain virtues. The new medium favors speed, accuracy, wit, prolificacy, and versatility, and its form and functions are changing how we perceive, experience, and understand the world.
The book is rated 3.56/5 at goodreads.com, from 310 ratings. See 77 reader reviews at: http://bit.ly/2ctK1I6.
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A war book recommendation: Perfectly Charming (A Morning Glory Novel) by Liz Talley

A critic review (source Dear Author) can be read at: http://bit.ly/2dz3YxD.
I had wondered what would cause these two to examine their relationship and move past the easy and physical. Some hard truths smack them in the face and cause some true soul searching. It isn’t easy and definitely not pretty but it’s what was needed for them to reach a HEA I can buy into for the long term.
Book description from Google Books:
Morning Glory native Jess Culpepper is desperate to get out of town after divorcing the only man she’s ever dated. She takes a temporary nursing job in Florida and, thanks to the bequest of her late friend, Lacy, has the funds to rent a condo right on the beach. She’s not prepared to literally trip over her old high school lab partner-and definitely not prepared for how deliciously hot he is now. Ryan Reyes, once known as “The Brain,” has worked hard to become more than the skinny nerd that jocks bullied and girls politely tolerated. At twenty-six, he has retired from science to run a charter fishing business in Pensacola and spend his leisure time catching up on the debauchery he missed. But when the unattainable girl of his teenage fantasies moves in down the beach, old feelings come flooding back. Their scorching attraction soon leads them into bed-but what starts as no-strings-attached fun is complicated by a return to Morning Glory and the shadows of their shared past. Can the head cheerleader and the geek redefine themselves and forge ahead to find their happily ever after?
The book is rated 4.08/5 at goodreads.com, from 449 ratings. See 66 reader reviews at: http://bit.ly/2er5grW.
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