A literature book recommendation: Someone You Love Is Gone: A Novel by Gurjinder Basran

A critic review (source Toronto Star) can be read at: http://bit.ly/2DpSXdl.
Although epic in scope, Someone You Love is Gone is economically and poetically written. Playing with time and place, it serves up a rich narrative with a cultural and generation-crossing protagonist supported by a cast of equally compelling characters.
Book description from Google Books:
“A beautiful, haunting story of one family, spanning generations and continents, as they face life’s inevitable losses, struggle with grief and reach for redemption.”—Shilpi Somaya Gowda, New York Times bestselling author of Secret Daughter and The Golden SonPerfect for readers of Jhumpa Lahiri and Anne Tyler, Someone You Love Is Gone is a beautifully rendered, multi-generational story of secrets and ghosts that haunt a family.I sit at the table and forget myself for a moment and the past steps forward. The house is as it was before Father died, and even before that, before Diwa left and before Jyoti was born. The house had a different light then or perhaps that’s just memory casting a glow on everything, candlelight and sunset, everything only slightly visible. Mother is in the kitchen, washing the dinner dishes. Steam is rising and the window in front of her fogs over her reflection. Even here, she is a ghost. Simran’s mother has died but is not gone. Haunted by her mother’s spirit and memories of the past, she struggles to make sense of her world. Faced with disillusion in her marriage, growing distance from her daughter and sister, and the return of her long-estranged brother, she is troubled by questions to which she has no answers. As the life Simran has carefully constructed unravels, she must confront the truth of why her brother was separated from the family at a young age, and in doing so she uncovers an ancestral inheritance that changes everything. She allows her grief to transform her life, but in ways that ultimately give her the deep sense of self she has been craving, discovering along the way family secrets that cross continents, generations, and even lifetimes. Gurjinder Basran’s mesmerizingly beautiful novel, Someone You Love Is Gone, is a powerful exploration of loss and love, memory and history, family ties and family secrets, and the thin veil between this life and the next. 
The book is rated 3.84/5 at goodreads.com, from 200 ratings. See 42 reader reviews at: http://bit.ly/2CUiOZJ.
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A literature book recommendation: Galaxy Love: Poems by Gerald Stern

A critic review (source NY Times) can be read at: http://nyti.ms/2E1jBt8.
For decades, and in every overcaffeinated and rumbustious line, Gerald Stern has been telling us that the best way to live is not so much for poetry but through poetry, and he underlines that idea here again in “Galaxy Love.” I believe him.
Book description from Google Books:
The poems in this new volume by the winner of the National Book Award span countries and centuries, reflecting on memory, aging, history, and mortality. “Hamlet Naked” traverses Manhattan in the 1960s from a Shakespeare play on 47th Street to the cellar of a Ukrainian restaurant in the East Village; “Thieves and Murderers” encompasses musings of the medieval French poet Francois Villon and Dwight Eisenhower; “Orson” recounts a meeting of the poet and Orson Welles, exiled in Paris. Gerald Stern recalls old cars he used to drive–“the 1950 Buick / with the small steering wheel / and the cigar lighter in the back seat”–as well as intimate portraits of his daily life “and the mussel-pooled and the heron-priested shore” of Florida. These are wistful, generous, lively love poems and elegies that capture the passage of time, the joys of a sensual life, and remembrances of the past.
The book is rated 3.44/5 at goodreads.com, from 16 ratings. See 4 reader reviews at: http://bit.ly/2Dtrk29.
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